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The Largest Operative Salt Mine In Austria – A Popular Day Trip Destination In Aussee

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The histories of the salt mine in Altaussee make it a very special day trip destination during your holiday in Austria. Learn more how the “white gold” was the foundation of the fame and wealth of the Salzkammergut region.

Salt Mines Altaussee: An Ancient Craft At The Salzkammergut Region

It is unknown when man started mining salt in Altaussee. Salt mining in Altaussee is mentioned first in the records dating back to 1147, when the mine belonged to the Styrian monastery Rein. During the following centuries mining activities were continually increased. Finally the responsibility for the mine fell to the Imperial Salt Chamber in Vienna – giving the entire region its name: Salzkammergut means “Estate of the Salt Chamber”. Today the salt mine in Altaussee is the largest operative salt mine in Austria.

Art And Salt: The Preservation Of Works Of Art During WW2

During the 1940s the National Socialists stored countless works of art in the salt mines in Altaussee, including a vast number of looted art. The works of art almost fell prey to the madness of the collapsing Nazi regime. Only the courageous intervention of a few Altaussee miners made it possible, that the works of art could be rescued by the Allies and returned to their rightful owners.

Day Trip Destination Salt Mine Altaussee

Experience a walk through seemingly endless galleries of glittering salt during a guided tour to the salt mine Altaussee. The St. Barbara Chapel glowing in iridescent yellow and red, the mining slides and the subterranean salt lake are highlights of the Salt Worlds Altaussee.

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