Salzkammergut: Culinary Region For Gourmets

The Ausseerland Arctic Char: Fish Speciality From The Salzkammergut

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One of the top highlights from 2005 of the Salzkammergut as a culinary region is the Ausseerland Arctic char. As part of Styria the Salzkammergut culinary region is one of 15 enjoyment regions in Styria.

Restaurant at Hotel Seevilla
Restaurant at Hotel Seevilla

The Ausseerland Arctic char, which is found in lakes Altaussee, Grundlsee and Toplitzsee is a culinary natural treasure of a special quality. The Ausseerland Arctic char is characterised by its typically pink flesh, which results from its diet of the regionally found lake plankton. The drinking water quality of the Ausseerland lakes and the cool temperatures ensure the tender and exceptionally good taste of this fish.

Culinary Region: Salzkammergut And Hotel Seevilla In Altaussee

In line with the motto: “With a focus on Austria” the Ausseerland Arctic char of course finds great use within the kitchen of Hotel Seevilla. Delicious variations of the arctic char will enrich your holidays in the Ausseerland from a culinary perspective. Regional and freshness are by the way essential trademarks of the Seevilla cuisine, which also includes produce from the other enjoyment regions within Styria within its menu.

Austrian Originals To Taste: Culinary Region Salzkammergut And Styria

Below you will find an overview about further Styrian Culinary Produce which were awarded with the “Enjoyment Region Styria” Seal by Agrarmarkt Austria:

  • Styrian Volcano Ham
  • Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Styrian Carp
  • Weizer mountain lamb
  • Game from the Gesause Region
  • Southeast Styrian kidney beans
  • Grazer “Krauthauptel” Salad (lettuce)
  • Styrian horse radish
  • West Styrian “Turopolje” Pork

You should try some of these palate pleasures from the Styrian and Salzkammergut culinary region during your holidays in the Ausseerland! At the restaurant of your four star superior Hotel Seevilla the chef will surprise you daily with regional Austrian specialities. Do send a no-obligation booking enquiry to Hotel Seevilla now and look forward to culinary highlights during your holidays in the enjoyment & culinary region Ausseerland

Gather new energy in your holidays in the Ausseerland: The Hotel Seevilla is situated on a power spot directly at the Altausseer Lake. You shouldn’t settle for less.

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