Aussee Carnival in Austria: Fun and costumes

Merry carnival fun at the Salzkammergut Region

Experience the legendary Aussee Carnival in Austria: traditional carnival costumes and customs are the hallmarks of this fantastic event in February.

If you ask the locals in Aussee how many seasons there are in a year, they will tell you: five! The Aussee Carnival in Austria counts as the fifth season and is celebrated merrily. Traditional masks, costumes, customs and spontaneity are in the foreground of this fantastic event.

"Ausseer Fasching" – the world is all topsy-turvy

Suddenly men are women or the other way round? During the Aussee Carnival in Austria everything is topsy-turvy. On Shrove Monday there is a parade of the “drum shrews” in Altaussee, driving winter away with drums and trumpets. But hang on, aren’t the shrews the burly fellows of the town?
The parade of the traditional “Flinserl” fancy dresses starts at 2pm on Pancake Tuesday in Bad Aussee. You will be enchanted by the artfully crafted masks, which supposedly have their origin in Venice. The “Flinserl” give small gifts of nuts to the children, but only if they are able to earn the reward with a short poem.

Jester’s licence during the Aussee Carnival in Austria

The “Maschkera”, groups of singers and musicians in fancy dresses visiting the pubs and inns have jester’s license during the Aussee Carnival in Austria. They comment on the daily affairs and the events of the past year in Aussee with witty songs. The locals are greatly looking forward to these hilarious “carnival letters”.

Many events at the Aussee Carnival in Austria happen spontaneously: the tourist office Aussee has a special “carnival advisor” for this occasion, helping guests to find the highlights of the carnival season in Aussee.

Aussee Carnival at the Seevilla In Altaussee

The months of winter are long, and sometimes dull and boring. Let the Aussee Carnival in Austria bring some colour into your life: send a non-committal holiday enquiry to your four star superior Hotel Seevilla today and look forward to enjoying tremendous carnival fun in the Salzkammergut Region in Styria.