summer breakfast on a traditional boat

The “Plätten” boat breakfast

Relaxed enjoyment with a view of the mountains

The Seevilla has had its very own “Plätten” boat since the summer of 2017. It was hand-built in the traditional way near Grundlsee and first went out on the water in time for the summer season. Safely docked in the boat hut, it awaits regular excursions in summer. If you would like to experience nature from a different angle, but don’t want to go without culinary indulgence, our “Plätten” breakfast fits the bill perfectly.

Boat breakfast on the lake

The kitchen team prepares the substantial breakfast with fresh, regional ingredients, and it is lovingly served on the “Plätten” boat. The journey takes you out onto Lake Altaussee, with unforgettable views of the Loser, Trisselwand and Dachstein mountains. What’s more, the “Plätten” driver will have one or two local stories to impart.