Excursions and day trips in the Salzkammergut region

Explore the Salzkammergut and Salzburg

Altaussee lies in the heart of the Ausseerland and is therefore an ideal starting point for many day trips and excursions into the Salzkammergut Region.

Destinations For Day Trips In The Salzkammergut

  • The historic imperial town of Bad Ischl should not be missed:
    Stroll through the spa town of Bad Ischl the just like the former Austrian aristocracy did and enjoy the legendary "Zaunerstollen" at the fancy Konditorei Zauner Cafe. The Kathrin cable car will take you up the local town mountain: Mount Kathrin.
  • The city of Salzburg:
    Even the drive to Salzburg is an experience. Choose the route along Lake Wolfgang and Lake Fuschl and reach the historic city of Salzburg nestled by the green shimmering Salzach River and all its beautiful sights. A must see: the Fortress Hohensalzburg, the St. Peter Church and the St. Peter Abbey, typical coffee houses break at Cafe Tomaselli. Tips for children: the Salzburg Zoo at Hellbrunn Park, the House of Nature and the museum of local history in Grossgmain.
  • Hallstatt at Lake Hallstatt:
    Spend a day in the former Celtic town of Hallstatt. Calm and mystic this historic town presents itself, visit the oldest salt mine of the world and admire the House of Bones.
  • The World of Salt in Hallein and the historic town of Hallein:
    The Celtic village at the Durenberg mountain and the Celtic museum in Hallein are a must-see.
  • A spectacular day trip in the Salzkammergut:
    Discover the Dachstein Massif Ice Cave and the Mammut (mammoth) Cave near Obertraun/Hallstatt. With the cable car you can reach both destinations. Important: warm clothing even during summer. The five fingers platform at the Dachstein Massif is also well worth a breathtaking visit.
  • The Benedictine Admont Monastery & Library and Castle Trautenfels
    This cultural day trip will bring you to the largest and only recently renovated library in the world.
  • The Eurotherme Spa in Bad Ischl and the in 2009 newly opened Grimming Therme Spa in Bad Mitterndorf invite you to spend leisurely hours in the thermal spring water. A great day trip in the Salzkammergut even on non-rainy days.

Day trips in the Salzkammergut: A welcome change for your holidays

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Nature attractions at the Salzkammergut

Nature, flora and fauna

If you are interested in the flora and fauna of the Salzkammergut Region, you should get to know the following natural attractions of the Salzkammergut during your holidays in Austria:

Lakes and mountains, forest and meadows characterise the natural and cultural landscape of the Salzkammergut Region. Numerous natural Salzkammergut attractions will give a great impression of the variety of species and the local monuments of nature, which can be found in the Austrian holiday region.

Salzkammergut waterfalls

The Kieler-Wurf waterfalls are an especially beautiful example of the numerous waterfalls you can visit during your holidays in Altaussee. Waterfalls and springs feed the many lakes in the Salzkammergut Region, where divers and fishermen will each find holiday recreation.

Alpine hiking tours: Salzkammergut attractions

Numerous alpine chalets, alm chalets and moments of nature can be visited during a hiking tour on the Loser Mountain, the Trisselwand, in the Tauplitz area or at the Dachtstein Massif. A worthwhile destination is the Loser Mountain Window, an opening in the rock face of the mountain which opens a unique view into the Salzkammergut Region

Nature attractions: Rare animals and plants

Bio diversity is the guiding theme of the last couple of years. In the Ausseerland you will find a multitude of rare plants and animals – under water, in the forests and moors and in the alpine regions of the Salzkammergut Region.

Hotel Seevilla: Your starting point for day trips, excursions and attractions in the Ausseerland

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