Ihre Gastgeberfamilie Maislinger-Gulewicz begrüßt Sie in 4. Generation in der Seevilla in Altaussee

Hospitality personified

The Maislinger-Gulewicz family

Four generations of passion for hosting. Passed down over the years, this passion allows each generation of owners to write new pages in the history book of the establishment – each sharing the joy with which they take care of the hotel’s guests and ensure their well-being.  

Entrepreneurial spirit and intuition encouraged the distinguished businessman Johann Maislinger to purchase the vacant building on the banks of Lake Altaussee in 1976 and turn it into a hotel. In 2009, Alexander Gulewicz took over the management of the establishment from parents Annelie and Klaus as the fourth generation of family ownership – since 2010, he has welcomed guests to the Hotel Seevilla together with his wife, Ines Gulewicz.

Host of the Seevilla - in the 4th generation

With commitment, charm and lots of new ideas, the fourth generation of owners is leading the Seevilla into the future. These new ideas are reflected in the most recent renovation work, which took place in 2018, although Alexander Gulewicz emphasises: ‘With the renovation, we remain loyal to the Seevilla concept and want to provide guests with more space to holiday in one of the most beautiful parts of Ausseerland.’

As the hostess of the Seevilla, Ines Gulewicz enjoys getting to know guests in person at the aperitif evenings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the Brahms Parlour.