The "Ausseer Kirtag": Annual fair in Styria

Traditional Summer Festival in Aussee

The traditional annual fair in Aussee is a fixed date for all lovers of the Salzkammergut Region in Austria who love to celebrate.

Celebrations and merriness at the Ausseerland

The annual fair in Aussee takes place on the occasion of the parish church’s anniversary – what a great opportunity for a huge celebration. The Aussee Fair is a perfect opportunity to travel to the Salzkammergut Region and enjoy merry hours with the locals at the beer tent.

Aussee Fair: An Extraordinary Annual Fair In Aussee, Styria

Authentic, rustic, traditional: experience the annual fair in Aussee at the Salzkammergut Region. Marvel at the traditional costumes of the Ausseerland: the most beautiful dirndl dresses and lederhosen of the Salzkammergut are waiting for you.

You will find no artificial “folk” music blaring from speakers during the annual fair in Aussee – indulge in experiencing traditional folk music, an art form especially popular at the Salzkammergut Region. Taste local specialities and enjoy a good glass of local beer – as a matter of course admission to the annual fair in Aussee is free.

Good Beer And Fireworks At The Annual Fair In Aussee

The auxiliary fire brigade Altaussee hosts the annual fair in Aussee. But do not worry, the brave fire fighters enjoying the fantastic local beer at the beer tent are not on duty. 600 fifty litre barrels are emptied during the annual fair in Aussee: it is impossible to resist the lure of the tasty Styrian beer.

Experience The Annual Fair In Aussee At The Hotel Seevilla

The festival area and the beer tent are within a few minutes walk from your Hotel Seevilla. Let your car take a break – and enjoy a pint or two of the fantastic local beer with your friends or family.

Experience the merriness of the annual fair in Aussee during your September holidays in Austria. Send a non-committal enquiry to the four star superior Hotel Seevilla and look forward to celebrating your holidays in Austria!