The Ausseerland and Salzkammergut lakes

The shimmering jewels of the Ausseerland

Discover the lakes of the Salzkammergut Region and the Ausseerland during your holidays in Austria. Swim in fresh water lakes with drinking water quality while enjoying relaxed or active holidays.

Every Salzkammergut lake has its very own, unique character. All of them have exquisite water quality. This leads to a very high quality of life for the numerous types of regional fish and water animals. Great news for gourmets who appreciate the Ausseer Arctic charr which can be enjoyed at the Hotel Seevilla restaurant!

Discover the Salzkammergut & Ausseerland lakes

  • Lake Altaussee: Your Hotel Seevilla is located right by this fairytale-like lake – offering views at the Loser and the legendary Trisselwand peak.
    Ever so beautiful: the hiking path on the mostly unobstructed shores all around Lake Altaussee.
    Spectacular: a hiking tour up the Trisselwand peak with views down at Lake Altaussee and Lake Grundlsee.

  • Lake Grundlsee: for fishing fans the first point of call in the Salzkammergut!
    Especially popular: fishing for pike from the boat. For freshwater lake divers the Grundlsee Lake is perfect due to its clear water.

  • Lake Toplitz: discover this small Salzkammergut lake which became famous for its alleged lost treasure.
    Great idea: the "3-Lakes-Tour" which till take you to Lake Grundlsee, Lake Toplitz and the Kammersee lake.

  • Lake Hallstatt: Combine a trip to Lake Hallstatt with a visit to the town of Hallstatt.
    A must see: the “Bone House” near the church.
    Unique: the lake procession during the Corpus Christi days in June.

  • Lake Oedensee: Discover the marsh forest lake and its direct surroundings on four different paths.

Fishing & freshwater diving in the lakes of the Salzkammergut

Fly fishing is especially popular in the rivers and streams of the Ausseerland. Fishers are often amazed by the rich stock of fish in these crystal clear rivers and lakes. Freshwater divers appreciate the unparalleled clarity of th emountain lakes.