Eine beruhigende Aussicht an einem intensiven Seminartag bietet Ihnen den Ausgleich im Hotel Seevilla

Seminars at the Hotel Seevilla

Gain a change of perspective for creative work at the Seevilla

A fully equipped seminar room and the inspiring vista provide the perfect location for your seminars

The 2018 renovation saw the creation of a new seminar room in the hotel, fully equipped with a ceiling projector, screen, music system, fast Wi-Fi and all the necessary connectors. Seminars with up to 35 participants can be organised in the 70m2 space.

Equipment of our seminar rooms

The direct access to the hotel restaurant means we can cater for seminar guests from breakfast through to dinner – completely as required. A separate balcony, reserved for participants and only accessible via the seminar room, is available to grab a breather.

We can also offer wonderful alternatives on our premises for smaller groups of up to ten people.

Please send enquiries to: hotel@seevilla.at

Supporting programme for your seminars

Your conference, workshop or business meeting in Aussee can be very well rounded off with a diverse supporting programme.

Sporting activities & team building exercises:

  • Guided hiking tours for any experience level: easy country walks at the lake or more advanced hiking tours into higher altitudes including reaching the summit
  • Outdoor sports: climbing, canyoning, climbing trails, mountaineering with a certified alpine guide
  • Golf tournament at the Ausseerland Golf Club in Bad Aussee
  • Bavarian Curling
  • Skiing, Cross-country skiing and snow shoeing
  • Nordic walking tours

Cultural supporting programme:

  • Classical concerts
  • Trips to Hallstatt or Salzburg with a private bus and a guided tour on location
  • Participation in traditional events, depending on season
  • Book and poetry readings, music evenings, depending on season
  • "3-Lakes-Tour": Discover the Salzkammergut lakes by boat and on foot

Country-style supporting programme:

  • Mountaineering Tour with stops at Alpine chalets
  • Horse-drawn carriage rides
  • Fishing at the Salzkammergut lakes and rivers
  • Trips to the Blaa Alm Chalet on food or during winter on cross-country skies
  • Schnapps tasting of the award winning schnapps made by the Pohn Family in Bad Mitterdorf