The renaissance of summer retreats

How to holiday in Ausseerland

The Seevilla provides happy holidays – the happiness of enjoying a summer retreat ("Sommerfrische") in one of the places where the concept originated. Indulging in the art of enjoying doing nothing by the banks of Lake Altaussee, relaxing or taking advantage of the various options for your ‘summer retreat’.

Your summer retreat in Austria

Below, you can browse through the many relaxing activities and places that await you during your summer retreat in Austria. We look forward to welcoming you!

Lake Altaussee

It can be comfortably circuited on foot, and there are hidden spots along the banks perfect to stop and spend some time or to jump into the cool water, away from the hustle and bustle. The crystal-clear water with its reflection of the imposing surrounding mountains means Lake Altaussee leaves you with very special memories of your time in Salzkammergut!

The mountains

Another attractive and active possibility is a hike or cycling tour through Ausseerland and Salzkammergut. In order to avoid the heat, the athletic activity can take place in the morning and be followed by a jump into the cool water as an afternoon reward for your efforts.

Country outings

You can have a summer retreat experience that takes you back in time to the era when they were more common by going on a horse and carriage ride. Be picked up from the hotel itself and explore Altaussee at a leisurely pace of just two horsepower. On request, we will prepare a snack for you in our kitchen so that you can refuel in one of Salzkammergut’s beautiful spots.

However you decide to arrange and experience your stay with us, the Seevilla is sure to help you make some wonderful memories. The ladies at reception or the Ausseerland tourist board will be happy to help you plan your stay.