Celebrate tadition: Ausseer Kirtag Festival

Beer tent, brass music and traditional costumes

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Ausseer Kirtag in Altaussee
Ausseer Kirtag

We celebrate the “Kirchweih”, which is the consecration of the church with an annual fair – a festival which has been popular since the Middle Ages. Experience the 54th Altaussee Kirtag with beer tent, funfair and the Kirtag stables!

Delicious entertainment

Enjoy the first days of autumn, when locals and guests celebrate together during the traditional festival. The Altausseer musician will entertain you and the Lupitsch fire brigade band will play original Austrian folk music for you.

The region’s best delicacies can be found at the festival area in the centre of Aussee as well as plenty of palatable beer and traditional, high-quality Schnapps. Try the world’s most delicious grilled chicken, bratwurst, sauerkraut and smoked char from the regional waters

Free bliss for everyone

The festival is a big success year after year and this is probably because the organisers have kept the old traditions: free entrance, original folk music, the high quality of the offered products and favourable prices have proved a recipe for good atmosphere.

The Ausseer Kirtag: close to your Seevilla Hotel

From the Seevilla Hotel it’s only a few steps to the festival. On your way you will already meet the locals in their beautiful traditional costumes, because Dirndl and Lederhosen are mandatory! Use the authentic fair as an opportunity to buy a traditional Austrian costume yourself.

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Gather new energy in your holidays in the Ausseerland: The Hotel Seevilla is situated on a power spot directly at the Altausseer Lake. You shouldn’t settle for less.

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