Lake Altaussee: Legendary Jewel Of The Salzkammergut Region

From Fairies And Aquarius’ – Lake Altaussee

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Your Hotel Seevilla lies on possibly the most enchanting lake of the Salzkammergut Region: the three kilometre long and up to one kilometre wide Lake Altaussee.

Early in the morning, when the sun starts to break through the clouds and the nightly cold rises up from lake and the entire Lake Altaussee is bathed in a mystic light, then you might think you can see them: the Aquarius, who lives in the depths of Lake Altaussee in his palace. The Amaryllis Fairy, which wanders across flowery meadows with her wiener dog, the “Wild Women” (Wildfrauen), who are drying their laundry at the Trisselwand.

The Ausseer Writer Barbara Frischmuth: Tales Around Lake Altaussee

Then your path leads you to the traditional costume tailor in Altaussee, where you will dress in a colourful, impressive Ausseer traditional costume. And soon you will enter the legendary world of Lake Altaussee.

Romantic Lake Altaussee In Austria

Let your romantic dreams at Lake Altaussee flow freely. At the hiking path, which leads all around Lake Altaussee, you will discover the many natural beauties of the landscape from different angles. From the sun bathing area of Hotel Seevilla and from your room you will enjoy a fairytale like view across Lake Altaussee facing the Loser and Trisselwand peaks.

Drinking Water Quality At Lake Altaussee In Austria

Lake Altaussee is fed by numerous underground streams, whose water ran through the rocks of the “Totes Gebirge” mountain range, it was filtered and cleaned. The rich stock of trout, char and noble crayfish confirm the high water quality. Swimming, taking a “Platte” boat – a traditional wood barge to go punting and fishing: Lake Altaussee offers many opportunities for recreational holidays in the Salzkammergut Region of Austria.

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Gather new energy in your holidays in the Ausseerland: The Hotel Seevilla is situated on a power spot directly at the Altausseer Lake. You shouldn’t settle for less.

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