Lake Hallstatt: Stone Age Culture In The Salzkammergut

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Deep, dark and mysterious, framed by mountains it lies in the heart of the Salzkammergut: the Lake Hallstatter See, stage of untold culture and history as well as live traditions.

Lake Hallstatt in the Salzkammergut
Lake Hallstatt in the Salzkammergut

North of the majestic Dachstein Massif the circa six kilometre long and two point three kilometre wide Lake Hallstaetter See is situated. Lake Hallstatt is run through by the Traun River, which provides cool, fresh water on a constant basis. Pike, bass, rainbow trout, Arctic char, vendace and eel-pout tumble in the fresh water lake very much to the liking of gourmets and fishing fans. At the west shore of the mystic lake lays the historic municipality of Hallstatt.

Hallstatt At Lake Hallstatt – Also Called The Hallstaetter See Lake

The mere 1.000 inhabitants of Hallstatt are  with the Dachstein Massif and the Salzkammergut Region part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Numerous digs in a burial field above Hallstatt have given its name to a time period of the older Iron Age: Hallstatt Period.

View to Lake Hallstatt
View to Lake Hallstatt

The burial field from the Hallstatt Period and the oldest salt mine of the world can be reached via a foot path or easier: via the salt mountain railway. Especially worth seeing is the Hallstatt House of Bones (Beinhaus). A total of 1.500 skulls are kept here, artistically decorated with dark wreaths of oak leaves, ivy or flowery paintings and marked with the names of the deceased. The House of Bones at Lake Hallstatt is unique the world over, since the bones of entire generations are kept here with great care. The Museum in Hallstatt at the Hallstaetter See is home to an extensive collection of findings from the Hallstatt Period.

Lake Hallstatt: Tourism And Tradition

Lake Hallstatt or the Hallstaetter See Lake is not only very popular with divers and fishers, but also an important traffic route. The Hallstatt Train Station is located on the opposite side of the lake. The last metres to reach Hallstatt are covered by boat!

During the church celebration of Corpus Christi in June Lake Hallstatt turns into a festive stage. Numerous heavily decorated boats full of flowers float across the lake in a procession.

Running Sport And Music At Lake Hallstatt – Run Around Lake Hallstatt

Every year at the beginning of May the “Run Around Lake Hallstatt”, a popular half marathon brings international running celebrities to Lake Hallstatt. With the Salzkammergut Mozart Festival also many high profile concerts have found their way to the event location of Hallstatt in Austria.

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