Lake Toplitzsee – A Salzkammergut Lake Shrouded In Mystery

Hunting For Treasures In The Ausseerland

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Many divers and expedition teams have searched in the past for the legendary gold treasure supposedly hidden in Lake Toplitzsee – and to this day: without result. Only forged money and corroded weapons from World War Two were found. None the less: the treasure hunt goes on.

Lake Toplitzsee: Home Of The Ausseer Arctic Char And A Strange Worm

The Ausseer Arctic char, which is characterised by its fine taste and the light pink colouring of its flesh, is found in the depths of Lake Toplitzsee. A delicacy which is turned into numerous fish specialities at the kitchen of Hotel Seevilla.

An animal of a different kind is the Lake Toplitzsee worm, which was discovered in 1983 in the oxygen less, sulphurous deep waters of this Salzkammergut Lake. Maybe he knows more about the Lake Toplitzsee treasure?

3 Lakes Tour: Lake Grundlsee, Lake Toplitzsee And Lake Kammersee

During the approx. 3 hours of the 3 Lakes Tour you will discover three of the most popular Salzkammergut Lakes. By motor boat or on foot you will discover the spring of the River Traun. From May until October the interesting tour starts at the Seehotel Grundlsee.

The team at Hotel Seevilla in Altaussee is gladly offering advice when booking the 3 Lakes Boat Tour including Lake Toplitzsee. After a trip to these Salzkammergut lakes you will enjoy a wonderful fish speciality at the restaurant of Hotel Seevilla! Send your non-binding online booking enquiry to the four star superior Hotel Seevilla now.

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