Narcissus Festival At The Ausseerland In Austria

A Festival In The Honour Of A Very Special Flower

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Spring in Aussee - Narcissus Festival
Narcissus Festival

In May the pastures around Altaussee are covered by a white flower carpet. An entrancing fragrance wafts in the spring air. It is time for the annual Narcissus Festival at the Ausseerland in Austria.

Narcissus Festival at Lake Altaussee: A Weekend In The Name Of The Narcissus

The annual Narcissus Festival is without doubt the highlight of the event calendar at the Ausseerland in Austria. Best start planning your next trip to Austria right away to experience this charming festival with your own eyes. 

Events During The Narcissus Festival

  • Marvel at the fantastic figures formed out of thousands of wild daffodils during the motorcade and boat parade. You will see traditional motives and modern figures side to side.
  • The election of the Narcissus queen and her two princesses combines the beauty of the flowers and young ladies. The Narcissus queen will reign over the Ausseerland with a gentle hand for one year.
  • The Narcissus run offers plenty of opportunity to sportively start into spring.
  • More information about the festival you can find at:

The 61st Narcissus Festival in Altaussee in May 2020

The next Narcissus Festival takes place from Thursday, 21th of May to Sunday, 24th of May 2020. The highlight and finish of the Narcissus Festival are a motorcade and a boat parade at Altausseer See on 24th of May 2020.

(Another name for this narcissus festival in the Salzkammergut is Daffodil Festival)

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