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Nature in Bad Aussee
Swans at Lake Aussee

t took millions of years to form this unique landscape, which was subject to constant change. Today the Ausseerland is home to many rare animals and plants, which have perfectly adapted to the region.

Nature In Aussee: Rare Plants:

One plant made the entire Ausseerland famous: the wild growing Narcissus. During May the meadows are dotted with the white flower heads and the unique smell of the Narcissus is carried far by the wind. Seevilla Tip: Discover the bloom of the Narcissus and partake in the Narcissus Festival in May.

  • The alpine world of the Tauplitz Summit surprises flora friends with snow roses, gentian and alpine roses during spring and midsummer as well as golden larch forests during autumn.
  • The moors surrounding Lake Oedensee near Altaussee offer unique plants, from the flesh eating  sundew and the marsh clover, a protected natural habitat.
  • The “Alpengarten” in Bad Aussee is a 12.000sqare metre large natural show room with approximately 1.000 different alpine plants, plant variety and a wood themed path. The Alpengarten located at approximately 800 metres above sea level is easily reached by car. Guided tours and children’s programmes round off the colourful variety in the show garden, which is open daily from 8am until 6pm. Further information can be given under: 0676/83622543
  • Long extinct living creatures have left their traces in Aussee: in the regional museums you can admire fossils and fossil plants.

Nature In Aussee: Rare Animals:

  • The Ausseer Arctic char found in Lake Altaussee, Lake Grundlsee and Lake Toplitzsee. The fish which is refined to delicious specialities at the kitchen of Hotel Seevilla excites gourmets with its pink flesh and fine taste.
  • Eagles, kingfishers and the swallowtail, a rare butterfly live in the alpine air surrounding the Ausseerland.
  • Lake Toplitzsee is home to an exotic creature: Willie the worm. We are not joking, this unique worm lives in a depth of 20 metres underneath the water surface without oxygen. Maybe it’s protecting the legendary Lake Toplitzsee treasure?
  • A trip to the Cumberland Wildpark in the Almtal Valley excites tall and small animal friends. Approximate 500 different kinds of animals live in the wildly romantic Almtal valley.

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