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Explore The History Of The Salzkammergut Region During Your Holidays In Styria

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Day trip to the Salt mines in the Salzkammergut
Salt mines in Altaussee

It is hard to believe that salt – the “white gold” of days long gone – was traded to the lands far beyond the Alps for unimaginable treasures once. Today salt is a commonplace spice, yet without it, our meals would be bland and dull. A good reason to explore the history of salt mining during your holidays in Altaussee – at the show salt mines in Austria.

Salt Mines Austria: Altaussee

The largest still operative salt mine in Austria is in Altaussee. Explore the St. Barbara Chapel and the subterranean salt lake during your tour through the fascinating show salt mine. A wooden mining slide takes you deep into the bowels of the earth to the magic world of salt.

Day trip in Austria
Cave in the Salt Worlds

Salt Mines Austria:  Hallstatt

Set out in a journey through time and explore the prehistoric origins of salt mining in the Ausseerland region. Learn more about the “Man in the Salt” and the painful craft of salt mining of the olden days.

Find out more about an ancient craft at the salt mines in Austria – in Altaussee, Hallstatt or even during a day trip to Hallein. Salt was the source of the wealth and the fame of the entire region in Austria – important enough that there was a Salt Chamber at the Imperial court in Vienna during the time of the Austrian monarchy.

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