Spring in Salzkammergut

Holiday in the awakening natural environment in Ausseerland

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During the winter in Ausseerland there was sometimes absolute silence, but now spring is introduced with many lovely sounds. You can’t hear the grass grow, but you can hear the birds singing, rejoicing and chirping already early in the morning, you can hear the creeks rushing and the majestic waterfalls’ thunder sound like a spring symphony.

Play of colours in spring in Salzkammergut

Fashion designers try to tell us which colours are in harmony, when nature teaches us the best colour-matching in spring in Salzkammergut. The lush and light-green tops of the fresh grass tickle the light-blue sky. The lungwort’s blossoms present themselves in violet and pink. The forget-me-not is bright blue and a white haze of the lovely smelling daffodil covers the meadows.

Inspiring: Spring in Salzkammergut

Spring awakening in Salzkammergut
Spring in Salzkammergut

The world-famous author Barbara Frischmuth, born in Altaussee and still living here, has written two gardening-diary books with refreshing texts and artistic pictures from her garden. The gardening books are “Fingerkraut und Feenhandschuh” and “Löwenmaul and Irisschwert”.

Be inspired by the awakening nature during your spring holiday in Salzkammergut. In the spa area and the beauty “retreat” at your 4****S Seevilla Hotel you can finally leave the winter months behind and after the body and facial treatments you will radiate as bright as the sun.

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Gather new energy in your holidays in the Ausseerland: The Hotel Seevilla is situated on a power spot directly at the Altausseer Lake. You shouldn’t settle for less.

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