A Summer Retreat in Aussee, Austria

The Comeback Of The Imperial Summer Retreat In The Salzkammergut

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The Salzkammergut Region was during the Austrian Monarchy the holiday region, where the imperial couple Sisi and Franz spent their summer retreat – bringing the entire imperial household and wealthy upper class members with them.

Summer retreats in the Salzkammergut
Summer in the Ausseerland

While the Austrian Emperor and nobility chose to reside in Bad Ischl during their summers, the Viennese bourgeoisie, artists and literati spent their summer retreat in Aussee. Ever since Johannes Brahms, who premiered two of his compositions in the former Villa Wagner, today’s Hotel Seevilla in Altaussee became accepted in polite society.

Artists And Notables Spending Their Summer Retreat In Aussee

Writers such as Jacob Wassermann and Hermann Broch discovered the Ausseerland as an ideal place to spend their summer retreats during the hot summer months. Artists and intelligentsia enriched society in Aussee. The dark war years brought “celebrities” such as Adolf Hitler and his followers to the Ausseerland. Luckily the Thousand Year Reich only lasted a few disastrous years and peaceand wealth soon found their way back to the Ausseerland.

Relaxing during the sumemr holidays in the mountains
Mountain tour in the summer

The Revival Of The Summer Retreat In Aussee: Your Relaxing Summer Holidays In Austria

After the unhappy interruption of World War Two and with the economy booming in the 1950s, summer guests newly discovered the summer retreat in Aussee and the Ausseerland. Summer guests started renting in private properties and bed and breakfasts but also well known figures from culture and politics returned to Altaussee. Melodic international names such as Klaus Maria Brandauer, Elisabeth Trissenaar or Hannes Androsch had their summer homes in Aussee. The locals from Altaussee welcomed this, sharing their unique, beautiful landscape and their authentic traditions with their guests – unimpressed by history, politics or celebrity status.

Your Exclusive Summer Retreat In Aussee At Hotel Seevilla

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