The Ausseerland Traditional Costume

Colourful Expression Of ‘Joie De Vivre’ In The Ausseerland

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The Ausseer traditional costume excites locals and guests with its unbelievable variety of colours. For men almost obligatory: the Lederhosen, hand-made from one of the few lederhosen makers in the Styrian Salzkammergut.

Traditional Austrian clothes in Altaussee
Ausseer Traditional Costume - Lederhosen

The Austrian writer Barbara Frischmuth lets one of her main book characters visit the traditional costume tailor after her arrival in Altaussee, so that a suitable Ausseer traditional costume can be made for her. The Ausseer traditional costume is part of the visual appearance of the Ausseerland even today. It is worn with pride and through its colourfulness a real expression of the regional lust for life. And should your way also lead you to the Traditional Costume tailor during your holidays in the Ausseerland: you will be amazed about the variety of Ausseer traditional costume, its comfort and its elegance!

Traditional clothes in Altaussee
Ausseer Dirndl for women

Ausseer Traditional Costume: The Elegant Variety Of The Styrian Traditional Costume

The Ausseer traditional costume orientates itself in design and colour range not only with the original farm clothing. Furthermore the numerous aristocratic guests of the imperial household in Vienna have contributed to the fact that the local traditional costume was refined and increased in elegance and wearing comfort. The original Ausseer dirndl dress for the women has a dark green top made of linen, a pink coloured skirt and a lilac apron. Today the Ausseer traditional costume mirrors all colours of the rainbow. Finest, hand printed silk shoulder cloths and aprons catch the light. A straw hat, offering protection from the summer sun completes the Ausseer traditional costume for ladies.





Obligatory In The Ausseerland: The Lederhosen

Christoph Raich, one of the few Lederhosen Tailors in the Styrian Salzkammergut chooses in his workshop in Bad Aussee the material for his Lederhosen with great care. After all the Lederhosen shall accompany its wearer throughout a whole lifetime – yes it even grows over time. Considering that, the approx. Euro 1.000, which a future Lederhosen owner should budget for with his Lederhosen, should be seen as an investment, which is well worth it. A real "Steirer" hat with dark green ribbon completes this unique set of trousers.

For ladies and gentlemen the traditional “Wetterfleck” (weatherproof cape) is a coat made from decently coloured Loden cloth, as well as the “Haferlschuh” a traditional Austrian half show worn with Lederhosen, also called a brogue, offer the best protection from wind and weather. All round equipped with an Ausseer traditional costume you will start your holidays in the Ausseerland.

Hotel Seevilla: Holidays In Altaussee

From Hotel Seevilla you will reach the traditional costume shop Haselnus in Altaussee, where you can choose your favourite traditional costume outfit on foot. But also the traditional costume tailors in the surrounding town of Bad Aussee, Bad Ischl or Bad Mitterndorf are worth a visit.

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