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Tradition & Fashion: Traditional Costumes Of The Salzkammergut Region

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Traditional costume of the Salzkammergut Region
Austrian Dirndl

The traditional Aussee costume is a part of the cultural heritage of the Ausseerland. It is not a folkloristic show for foreigners, but clothes that are worn in daily life and on special occasions as a matter of course. Traditional costume fashion at the Salzkammergut Region does not lack playful and creative elements. The traditional costume in Aussee comes in many colours: sunflower yellow, bellflower blue, and the red of fallen autumn leaves fill the traditional costumes in Aussee with vibrant life.

Typical Lederhose in the Ausseerland
Austrian Lederhos'n

Traditional Costume In Aussee: Dirndl Dress And Lederhosen

The traditional costumes in Aussee were not only inspired by rural dress, but also by the hunting clothes of the nobility spending their summer months in the Salzkammergut Region. Archduke Johann and his wife Anna Plochl wore a refined version of this every day dress, which has lost nothing of its popularity with locals and guests up to the current day.

Lederhosen are a must: long or short, artfully embroidered and equipped with a special pocket for a knife. A heavy laden coat offers protection against the elements – and wards off rain without a single artificial fibre. Traditional brogues complete the traditional costume in Aussee: more than a fashion statement – a lifestyle in the Salzkammergut Region.

Aussee Block Prints: A Singularity Of The Traditional Costume In Aussee

Aussee block prints are very rare. Traditional patterns are printed on cotton, linen and silk by hand. A precious shawl complements the traditional costume in Aussee. A wide range of traditional costumes can be found at the specialised clothes shops in Altaussee, Bad Aussee and Bad Ischl.

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