Waterfalls in Austria: Salzkammergut Region

Austria: Blessed With Water

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Water is the dominating theme in the Salzkammergut Region. Whether we are talking about the gift of rain falls, snow fall, glaciers or the rich water reservoirs in the mountains: waterfalls in Austria and the Salzkammergut region not only are part of the exceptional beauty of this region, but also the reason for a rich flora and fauna.

The Kieler & Wurf Waterfalls In Austria

In Altaussee you will be able to undertake a hiking tour to the Kieler and Wurf waterfalls. Several waterfalls fall jointly from a great tier, uniting their waters in Lake Altaussee.

Waterfalls in Austria: Ausseerland And Salzkammergut Region

Waterfalls in the Ausseerland are always different spectacles to watch. They change their appearance strongly during the course of the seasons. During the snow melt in spring unbelievable amounts of water falls, while during the summer months and in autumn some waterfalls almost disappear. Strong rain falls can change the look of a waterfall in Austria within minutes. A great example of the sensitive economic system that is influenced through water and the waterfalls in Austria at all times.

Rare plants and animals were able to develop in the eco system surrounding the waterfalls in Austria and the Salzkammergut Region. Many of which profit from the unbelievable amounts of water that the Salzkammergut Region is blessed with.

Immerse yourself in the element of life during your holidays in the Salzkammergut region. Visit the impressive Kieler and Wurf waterfalls in Austria, take a dip in each of the Salzkammergut lakes, and discover rare animals and plants. The best starting point for your explorations is Hotel Seevilla in Altaussee. Send a no-obligation online booking enquiry off now and look forward to your summer holidays in Austria.

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