Fresh water diving in the lakes of Austria

Excursions into the blue owrld of the Salzkammergut Lakes

The lakes of the Salzkammergut have a special fascination for divers. The exceptional regional fish and the clear waters make diving in Austria’s Salzkammergut region an unforgettable experience.

Divers will be excited about the fresh water diving possibilities in the Salzkammergut region. If you have chosen the four star superior Hotel Seevilla as your holiday home during your diving holiday in Austria, one of the most beautiful Salzkammergut lakes is right on your door step.

Fresh water diving in Austria: Lake Altaussee

Lake Altaussee is predominantly a real diving pleasure for divers due to its large stock of regional fish. The Ausseer Arctic char is found in the deeply blue waters and the stock of noble crayfish is witness to the crystal clear water quality of this Salzkammergut lake. Diving spots are located on the east shores of Lake Altaussee and at the “Seewiese” swimming area on the other side, which can be easily reached by rowing boat. The underwater jungle offers a safe home to numerous types of fish and is especially worth seeing.

For all those hunting for lost treasures, a dive near the fisher hut is a great recommendation. In approx. 15 metres depth lays an ambulance lorry from the German Wehrmacht from the time of the war.

When diving in Austria and at Lake Altaussee fish breeding protection grounds need to be treated with care! The use of compressors is forbidden.

Freshwater diving in Austria: Diving in the lakes of the Salzkammergut

Further interesting and varied dive spots can be found at the following Salzkammergut lakes when diving in Austria:

  • Lake Grundlsee: entry point near Freizeitzentrum Gössl.
  • Lake Traunsee: due to the steep stone walls it’s only recommended for experienced divers. Several entry points and dive spots.
  • Lake Hallstatt: especially marked entry points. The clear visibility of between five and 20 metres near the springs is exceptional. Highlights: the American jeep in front of the boat jetty at the Lerchenbach river, steep rock walls and the “Mun-Halde”. During winter: ice diving.
  • Lake Wolfgang: clear visibility, extensive flora.
  • Lake Gosausee: diving in one of the most popular photo motifs of the Salzkammergut Region.
  • Lake Mondsee: interesting varied diving, rich in fish.
  • Lake Attersee: hotspot for divers of all countries with 26 diving entry points.

Discover Austria under water: diving in Austria is one of the best kept diving secrets between fresh water diving fans. And afterwards: relax at the beauty and wellness area of your four star superior Hotel Seevilla while remembering your diving experiences. Your first step towards the fascination of diving in Austria: sending a no-obligation online enquiry to the team at Hotel Seevilla.