The Salzkammergut culture – customs & traditions

Experience Austrian art, culture, traditions and customs

The Salzkammergut culture never turned its traditions into folklore.

The right mixture is part of the fascination: in the Ausseerland as part of the Salzkammergut you will experience authentic traditions and customs as well as contemporary art and culture at the highest level

Varied Culture in the Salzkammergut region

  • Ausseerland Carnival: “Trommelweiber” (Drummer Women) and “Flinserl” liven up the streets and taverns of the Ausseerland. If there is such a thing as “sophisticated anarchy” you can experience it during carnival in the Ausseerland. A desired trait: Being able to hold one’s drink.
  • Ausseer Narcissus Festival: every year thousands of fragrant wild growing narcissus flowers are turned into artistic statues and creations, which are paraded through the streets and across the lake. The election of the Narcissus Queen is the crowning moment during the Narcissus Festival in May.
  • Ausseer Jazz Spring Festival during June
  • Yodelling and wind brass music meeting at the Blaa Alm Chalet during June
  • Advent time in the Ausseerland: pre Christmas customs and events as well as Barbara Celebration in Altaussee or the traditional St. Nicolas story in Bad Mitterndorf are a welcome change to commercially orientated Christmas markets.
  • The Salzkammergut Mozart Festival
  • Book readings, theatre, slide shows, exhibitions and concerts (from classic to modern) in the Ausseerland and the entire Salzkammergut.

Tips for cultural events in the Ausseerland

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