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Across aake Altaussee onboard a barge

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Barges are traditional wooden boats used on the lakes of the Ausseerland. Many things are transported by barge: people, salt, even the altar during the Corpus Christi procession at Lake Hallstatt. Enjoy a barge trip in Austria during your holiday!

Barges are wooden boats without a keel made of larch or spruce tree, with a characteristic point at the bow, the so called ”Gransel“ or ”Gansing“. How convenient, as the boat has no keel it is possible to land at all parts of the lake shore  and passengers get off board dry.

“Plaette” Barges – Barge Trips In Austria

“Plaette” barges were once used to transport the salt mined in the surrounding salt mines. Salt cones were stapled on the barges, as one can see on old pictures even today, for instance at the Celt Museum in Hallein. At the annual Corpus Christi procession an entire church altar finds place on board of a barge at lake Hallstatt. Would you like to venture on a barge trip in Austria as well?

Barges at the Ausseerland are quite difficult to steer. A special rowing technique is necessary to stop the barge from going in circles. The rowers steering the barges work similar to the gondoliers in Venice. See the incredible skill of the rowers at the Salzkammergut for yourself – embark on a barge trip in Austria!

Barge Breakfast And Barge Trip In Austria

It sounds too good to be true: you glide over the waters of Lake Altaussee and enjoy the marvellous view of the landmark mountains Loser and Trisselwand. Listen to the regular splash of the oars – and indulge in a fantastic breakfast on board of the barge! The team at the Hotel Seevilla will gladly organise your barge breakfast and barge trip in Austria.

Are you curious? Explore the lakes of the Salzkammergut Region indulging in a barge trip in Austria. Book your room at the four star superior Hotel Seevilla today: send a non-committal enquiry to the Hotel Seevilla or contact the team by telephone: 0043/(0)3622/71302.

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