The Brahms Parlour: Homage To Brahms In Aussee

Viennese Enjoyment At Hotel Seevilla

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Viennese Coffee House Culture in Aussee
Viennese atmosphere in Altaussee

The Brahms Parlour, which is exclusively reserved for guests of Hotel Seevilla pays its respects to the great German composer Johannes Brahms. Two of his creations, the “Spring Quintet” and the “Piano Trio” were premiered at the former Villa Wagner, today’s Hotel Seevilla even.

Johannes Brahms In Aussee

Johannes Brahms, born in 1833 in Hamburg led a moving life, which brought him to the Salzkammergut Region on a regular basis. He visited his friend Laszlo Wagner, whose villa was the basis for today’s Hotel Seevilla. And just like the composer Johannes Brahms back then, many more artists were inspired by the Ausseerland.

Typical Viennese Coffe & Cake in Altaussee
Brahms Parlour Cafe at Hotel Seevilla

Brahms in Aussee: Viennese Coffee House Culture In Aussee

The Viennese Coffee House was and is the “second living room” for artists, literati and aesthetics. While enjoying a Viennese Melange or a “Grosser Brauner” (large brown coffee) one studies the daily newspapers and of course there is always time for a nice chat. The Brahms Parlour Cafe follows this tradition with a loving eye for detail.

Different coffee specialities as well as home made cakes, strudels and tarts will whisk you away into the Austrian pastry paradise. Small savoury coffee house specialities are equally included in the offer as is a cultivated glass of wine or a fine drink.

Typical for the Viennese Coffee House is the obligatory glass of water, which is served with your coffee. Originally intended as a place to rest your spoon upon, the water also has a more beneficial function: caffeine will leave your mouth a little dry, the cool fresh water brings back a healthier balance and also perfects the taste of coffee.

If you would like to enjoy the Viennese coffee house just like Brahms in Aussee – then it’s time to send a non-binding online enquiry to your four stars superior Hotel Seevilla and soon you will enjoy delicious coffee specialities at the Brahms Parlor.

Gather new energy in your holidays in the Ausseerland: The Hotel Seevilla is situated on a power spot directly at the Altausseer Lake. You shouldn’t settle for less.

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