Ice Skating in Aussee

Skating on the frozen lakes and rinks of the Salzkammergut Region

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Slowly, but steadily winter will freeze the Altaussee Lake over. The surface of the Alpine lake becomes a thick ice cover, which becomes thicker and harder each day where the temperatures stay under zero.

Ice Skating in Aussee: Draw Your Lines Across Lake Altaussee

Ok, the idea that underneath the ice cover many many liters of deep waters seem to sleep through winter is something you would have to get used to. But soon it will be great fun to skate across the lakes, the fresh air in your face and your cheeks rosy from the wintry air.

But also other lakes of the Salzkammergut Region can be your all-natural ice rink during winter: enquire with the team at Hotel Seevilla where the ice skating has been classified as safe in the near surroundings or the artificial ice rinks as an alternative.

Ice Skating In Aussee: At The Public Ice Rink

If the ice cover is not thick enough on Lake Altaussee, then the Altaussee ice rink is a great alternative and also in direct proximity to your Hotel Seevilla.

Discover the enchanting wintry lake on your door stop: Ice skating in Aussee starts at Hotel Seevilla. For your homely room or apartment studio best send an online booking enquiry to your four-star superior Hotel Seevilla in Austria now.

Gather new energy in your holidays in the Ausseerland: The Hotel Seevilla is situated on a power spot directly at the Altausseer Lake. You shouldn’t settle for less.

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