Indian Summer In Austria

Gold And Blue: The Colours Of Autumn in Ausseerland

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Indian Summer in Austria
Indian Summer

Gold and blue are truly imperial colours: they were the colours of the uniforms of the officers serving in the Austro-Hungarian army. The Indian Summer in Austria radiates a dignified majesty: the summits of the landmark mountains are silent and Lake Altaussee glitters peacefully. Barges leisurely glide over the silent waters and small boats bob up and down near the lake shore.

Hiking During The “Indian Summer” In Austria

During the “Indian Summer” in Austria the weather in Aussee is stable for several days, the air is clear and less foggy. Perfect conditions for a mountain hike or a stroll around Lake Altaussee. A stroll around the lake will enchant you with fantastic glimpses of the picturesque mountain environment. From the lake you will be able to see as far as Dachstein mountain with its majestic glacier glistening in the distance.

Autumn holidays in the Salzkammergut in Austria
Nature in autumn

Alpine Pastures In The “Indian Summer” In Austria

Numerous alpine pastures in Aussee are still in operation in autumn. Plan to stop for a bite at a rustic alpine chalet during your hiking or mountain biking tour during the “Indian Summer” in Austria. Many of the local specialities are made by the mountain dairy farmers – an unique culinary experience during your holidays in the Salzkammergut Region.

“Indian Summer” In Austria – Wellness & Spa

The days grow shorter and the cool night air grants you a refreshing, deep sleep. Refuel your energies during the “Indian Summer” in Austria: treat yourself to a little indulgence at the wellness & spa area of your Hotel Seevilla in Altaussee.

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