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Traditions in the Salzkammergut and the local customs of the Ausseerland have never degraded to folklore, but stayed an expression of the local people’s lust for life.

Customs and Traditions are spelt with capital letters in the Salzkammergut Region. Lovingly old traditions are groomed and lived. Discover the multifaceted customs and local traditions of the Salzkammergut Region!

Traditional Events in the Salzkammergut
Narcissus Festival in Altaussee

Traditions In The Salzkammergut Throughout The Year:

  • Ausseerland Carnival: the time of the “Trommelweiber” and “Flinserl”:
    “Trommelweiber” are drummer women, who are really men dressed in voluminous long white linen dresses and white nightcaps. Marching through the streets playing the ”Ausseer Fasching March“ on brass instruments and saucepan lids and drums. ”Flinserl“ wear elaborate sequinned costumes and bring a flair of Venetian Carnival to the Ausseerland. A great sight during the three holy days of carnival in any case.
  • Narcissus Festival:
    During May the meadows all around Altaussee are covered with numerous blossoms of wild Narcissus. The fragrant smell is simply heavenly. With these tender blossoms artistic figurines are created during hours and hours of elaborate work, which then are paraded on the lake and through the streets to guests and visitors. The crowning of the Narcissus Festival is the election of the Narcissus Queen, which will reign over the Ausseerland for an entire year with a tender hand.
  • Church Festivals are elaborately celebrated in the Ausseerland:
    Admire the artistic local Trachten, which women and men don with pride during these bank holidays.
  • The Altausseer Beer Festival during the first weekend in September:
    Specifically for this occasion brewed beer and culinary regional delights ensure a gregarious, fun beer festival weekend.
  • Folk music and folk dances are the expressions of authentic joie the vivre in the Ausseerland
  • Hand printed silk and Ausseer Trachten local costumes:
    the tradition of hand printed silk scarves has been kept alive in the Ausseerland. Colourful and varied the Ausseerland traditional costumes present themselves, traditional Austrian clothing which is part of daily life in the Ausseerland.
Traditional festivals in Altaussee
"Trommelweiber" during Carnival

Experience The Traditions Of The Salzkammergut & Ausseerland During Your Holidays

Guests are of course very welcome to join into these numerous traditions of the Salzkammergut Region. They are neither the reason nor the trigger for these traditional fetes and parties. Local customs and the traditions in the Salzkammergut are authentic and cannot be repeated at random.

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